The Targeted Keyword Research
and Selection Process
   Targeted keyword research and a wise keyword selection process are essential for effective small business SEO

 Without question, targeted keyword research and a wise keyword selection process are essential for effective small business SEO. They are absolute prerequisites for any complete Internet marketing solution.


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So many business owners and marketers still look for the ultimate "affordable keyword research submission" tool as the end-all be-all to enhance their Google keyword ranking. They forget that they won't have time to learn how to use it fully. They need to know what they are doing with the tool before they will get the ranking results they want.


Of course, many freebie online research tools are worthless. For example, they don't provide enough information for you to intelligently change your strategy when you see that some of your potential online customers combine keywords with "and." In most cases, their advice is insufficient, incorrect or derived from a limited raw data pool. Is it wise to develop your keyword search list using any of the many free keyword search tools out there, such as the elusive "keywords tool generator"? No.

There are three subpages of this Website that reveal some useful reality about the targeted keyword research process. We comment on the wisdom (or folly) behind over 250 keywords that searchers are using in search engines. We hope these pages prove to be entertaining and educational for you. If you are interested, grab a cup of tea and please see these subpages:


Keyword Research (part 1)     Keyword Research (part 2)     Keyword Research (part 3)


Without professional targeted keyword research, your subsequent keyword selection process will be incomplete. We all want effective small business SEO as the biggest part of our complete Internet marketing solution. So, remember that the usual "affordable keyword research submission" stuff out there won't help you achieve superior Google keyword ranking for enough of your potential keyword opportunities.

Here's another example: searchers sometimes combine keywords with "and." This necessitates adjustments to your keyword search list that the multitudes of free keyword search tools can't handle. The elusive freebie "keywords tool generator" is largely useless for intelligent keyword research because, unlike any of the real SEO keyword tools, it has no accurate keyword competition analyzer. The real tools are not free. If you don't consider real keyword competition in your quest for the ideal keyword, add your site to the long list of failure Websites that didn't use balanced keywords, didn't perform thorough online keyword search, or relied solely on the free Google keyword search tool. That certainly won't make for a satisfactory SEO audit!

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