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Whether you have a standard Website or you discovered your WordPress search
are no better than the ones your competitors installed, you're here because
you want help pursuing ALL of your
Google keyword ranking opportunities
and not just SOME of them... OK, OK, Bing and Yahoo too.


You are skilled in your field. We have over 12 years in ours. Click HERE to see our results.

 Small business marketing consultants who provide effective small business SEO for existing or new Websites. It's beyond what a mainstream small business Website designer can do.


Contact us because your skill + our SEO experience = a good team.

How do you get on the first page of Google? Houston is only one of the places where we provide Google ranking services, and we help those folks without even being in their city.

Whether you have a standard Website – or you thought your WordPress search plugins would mean "easy WP SEO" (but they aren't quite cutting the mustard after all) – we can help.

Whether a la carte or as part of our affordable Web design management solutions, this is the SEO help you need to go after more of your opportunities to reach and retain more of your potential customers through
Web ranking and optimization. It's time.

All of this in plain English from inside the U.S. while wearing white hats, no less.

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Do YOU have the time to learn and keep up with this stuff AND run your business?

You probably don't, and neither do most mainstream Web developers or your friend the I.T. guru or your cousin the computer repair person or your nephew who is "real good with computers." Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technical specialty. Specialties involve leveraging nuances. To maximize your online revenue opportunities on the fly, you might not understand how to adjust your strategy to capture those searching consumers who combine keywords with "and" in their searches for what you sell. Right or wrong, you will see the results in your Website ranking reports. Perhaps you have not studied the collateral importance to you of those sites you sometimes see displaying "proudly powered by WordPress Web hosting." Do you yearn to know ALL of the required steps to achieve truly effective small business SEO results? Consistently?

If you don't have the time or backlog of living capital to take three years (at 40 hours per week) to really learn how to optimize your Website while you put your business on hold, you're not alone. You know that SEO absolutely MUST be done correctly to reap the maximum rewards, right?

Perhaps you're not positive that you really know how to put an SEO friendly website online. Maybe you haven't learned how to interpret SEO stats or PageRank, or about losing favor with Google due to inadvertently violating one of their Webmaster Guidelines or Terms of Service. Maybe you haven't invested the years required to know how to safely "read between the lines" to discover the myriad of other things that Google actually allows but says nothing about. After all, they don't publish every acceptable strategy. So, without that experience you can check your ranking on Google all you want, but mediocre work yields mediocre reslts. Understand that search engine optimization must be built into a Website correctly and then maintained to give the Website its best chance to deliver the desired result. To follow the rules, you must know them. There are many more guidelines than Google publishes, and they change.

Remember: if you were happy with what you already have, you wouldn't be here reading this now.
SEO is no longer just a matter of playing with Meta tags and links, and writing some text for your pages. Since more and more Websites keep appearing on the Internet, competition for Google's 10 spots on page 1 is more fierce now than EVER before. It goes well beyond the average search engine "optimization starter guide" nonsense you read online. Today's SEO requires precision.

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* The initial basic evaluation and one-hour consultation are absolutely free, limit one per client. Additional
assessments and their one-hour consultations (for example, if you have additional Websites you want us
to assess) are available a la carte for $50 per Website. When you hire us for Stage 1 services within 30
calendar days of any such paid assessment, the $50 assessment fee you paid is always credited to your
Stage 1 services Agreement.

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